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•  Feline Hypoadrenocorticism: Be a Sleuth if You See These Symptoms

Diabetes in Pets: Symptoms and Prevention: Whoa: A 900 Percent Increase in ONE Disease in Just 5 Years - What's Going On?

Tear Staining: What Is It and What Causes It?: The Hidden Message Behind Your Pet's Tear Stains

How Your Pet's Diet Can Contribute to Anal Gland Problems: Anal Gland Issues

5 Popular Indoor Plants to Avoid Like the Plague

Understanding Dog Body Language: The Many Ways Your Dogs Talk To You That Leave You Clueless 

Never Feed Your Dog These Fruits and Veggies : Don't Feed Your Dog These Fruits & Vegetables

How to Calm a Nervous Dog : Calming Tips for Nervous Dogs

• An Appeals Court has reversed a previous decision that dismissed a fraud lawsuit against Hill’s Prescription Pet Food and Petsmart.

Dilated Cardio Myopathy: (DCM)

• Dr. Angie Krause, DVM discusses FDA warning on Grain Free Foods and outlines the findings, what is still unknown and her recommendations for pet owners going forward.

• New research suggests Grain-free diets are not linked to DCM

Review of canine dilated cardiomyopathy in the wake of diet-associated concerns.

A Deeper Dive into pet food myths and DCM – is veterinary bias at play?

Major Error Found in New DCM Study

• Lack of Transparency in FDA/ Pet Food Industry DCM discussion. Pet Owners left in the dark yet again. 

• Medium Pets

Vet Integrity 

‘BEG’ pet food does not equal DCM

‘BEG’ pet food and DCM, part 2: Is veterinary bias at play?

• HemoPet - FDA Update